My secret weapon

2 of my 3 kids are really game for trying new things and new veggies - which is great because I am always trying out new dishes.

But my youngest (we call him Fuzz because of his fuzzy hair) - is a very picky eater.
Getting him to try any fruit or vegetable is like pulling teeth.

Except for asparagus. He LOVES asparagus. Hooray for small victories! :)

Here's my Fuzz . His hair has been fuzzy since he was born. I LOVE rubbing his fuzzy hair. In fact, it reminds me of this clip from Despicable Me.

Since I'm not an evil supervillain, like Gru, I don't have much at my disposal as far as secret weapons go. But for a mildly sneaky supermom, this is a pretty good secret weapon.

Zoo Pals!

Any time I'm going to try a new food (or particularly green smoothie) out, I ask Fuzz if he wants a Zoo Pals plate for dinner. It's always an automatic "Yes!"

I then remind him of our rule that if he uses a Zoo Pals plate, he has to at least TRY everything on his plate before saying "I don't like this!!!"

So far, it's worked. I wonder when he'll figure out that I only offer Zoo Pals when I'm going to try to pull a fast one on him? :)

Here, we have his favorite - Asparagus -steamed with a little sea salt, Sweet potato "fries" - with the obligatory ketchup ;), and a layered salad that I'll be putting up later this week. He did well - he ate both the asparagus and the sweet potatoes.

Not too shabby. At least it's a better weapon than Dr. Nefario's Fart Gun.

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