How I Eat

This is how I try to eat:

*Have a Green smoothie at least once a day.
*Meat, dairy, and animal protein kept to less than 5% of my total intake.
*Minimal processed grains - I try to go whole grain with everything.
*All natural sweeteners - I use honey, agave nectar, sucanat, and Truvia.
*For proteins, I use a lot of quinoa, beans, chia seeds, and nuts. Spinach and kale also have protein in smaller amounts.
*For calcium, I use almond milk, chia seeds,  and calcium fortified orange juice.
*I use only good fats - olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, and avocados.
*I use sea salt instead of table salt. It has more minerals and is better absorbed by your body.
*If in doubt, add more veggies and fruit. :) I try to keep things raw/ uncooked for 2 meals a day. Raw veggies supposedly have more enzymes to help in digestion.

Overall, you'll need to buy some things that are a little more pricey, but in the long run, I figure it's worth it, if I you can keep yourself healthy.

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