Hi. I'm Shana. Welcome to my recipe blog! (Please excuse the crappy picture. I was playing with my new phone)

A year ago, I started on a journey to lose 60 lbs.

I did pretty well for a while. I lost 30 lbs.

January 2011
May 2011

Then I hit a plateau. My cousin-in-law, Brita suggested a whole foods, plant based diet , as T. Colin Campbell ( - The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health ) and Robyn Openshaw ( - Green Smoothies Diet: The Natural Program for Extraordinary Health )   recommend. Then, I went to the doctor for something unrelated, and discovered that I had hypothyroidism.

So, I adopted a Plant Based, Whole Foods diet - which means I am limiting my meat, dairy, and processed foods intake to 5% or less of my diet.

Not only did I overcome hypothyroidism, I also took a huge step towards curing my OCD. I was able to cut one of my meds completely, and I'm doing just as well on this diet as I was on the meds. I was totally surprised and encouraged! (You can see my blog about OCD here.)

After having a bunch of friends on facebook interested in some of the foods I was trying, I decided to start a blog where they could find the recipes I was trying. And I thought I'd post some menu plans and grocery lists too. I mean, that's half the battle, right? Putting together the menu and grocery list?

Here's a more in depth list of books and documentaries that influenced my decision to eat this way (more detail here) :

The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell

The Green Smoothies Diet by Robyn Openshaw

Forks Over Knives (which you can also find on Netflix)

Foodmatters (which you can also find on Netflix)

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (which you can also find on Netflix)

The Gerson Miracle (Which you can also find on Netflix)

Food, Inc (Which you can also find on Netflix)

I LOVE this new way of eating.

Not all of these recipes on this blog are my own original recipes.
A lot of them I find on
Oh She Glows
Green Smoothie Girl's 12 Steps to Whole Foods
And elsewhere on the internet.
Some are my own. And I look forward to creating more as I get more experienced. :)

Glad you found me. Hope you enjoy your time here!

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  1. Shana, you look amazing! Congratulations on switching to a whole foods diet and sharing your success with others! This is definitely an inspiration for people who are curious about eating cleaner. I can't wait to follow your progress! :)

  2. Thanks, Sonnet. :) I love your blog too. Your recipes are a great inspiration!

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  4. Great blog, and one also turn to easy plant based meals for healthy life.


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