Will it Blend?

Do you have a Blendtec? If not, you're missing out on one of my favorite kitchen tools. 

I ♥ my Blendtec.

Reason 7,364,259 : Homemade slushies.

I don't know why I didn't think of it. I mean, if you watch any Will it Blend videos on youtube, you can pretty much blend anything in a Blendtec.

But one day, my 5 year old wanted a slushie. He suggested we just crunch up ice and pour in juice. Then - brain spark! I realized I could use my favorite kitchen gadget! And voila!

So - here you go - here's just how easy it is. :)

Step 1: Put a bunch of ice in your Blendtec. It doesn't matter how much, really. Just guess.

 Step 2: Blend for 30 seconds or less - and you get this awesome powdery snow!

Step 3: Put snow in cups.
Step 4: Pour in 100% juice - we used Apple.
 Step 5: Stick in a spoon-ended straw.

 Step 6: Slurp. :)

I love my little kiddos. And they loved the slushies.

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